Why silicone is the way forward

Luxy Face Blog
If you’ve ever felt a silicone product you’ll know that silicone is very soft, smooth and gentle on the skin. It just feels so good to touch! Of course that’s not the only reason a silicone brush is great for skincare but it’s one of the main reasons since many other cleansing brushes made out of nylon bristles or other materials are actually quite harsh on our skin. Non-silicone cleansing brushes can make many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, eczema or sensitive skin, even worse. This is because they can be abrasive and harsh, meaning they over exfoliate and irritate the skin. They also store and carry a lot of bacteria, making acne even worse. After reading a few studies by a few dermatologists such as, Mona Gohara (MD), associate clinical professor at Yale University, and Gary Goldenerg (MD) we knew silicone was the way forward when it comes to facial brushes. 
Reasons silicone brushes are so great:


Silicone used in the Luxy Face facial brush is bacteria resistant, this is because it is non-porous meaning, it doesn’t allow liquid or any bacteria to pass through it (unlike nylon brushes) making it the safest option when it comes to facial brushes. This is especially very important if you suffer with acne or are prone to acne. 

Very Soft 

As we said before, silicone is very soft to touch and the gentleness makes it very comfortable for the skin while in contact with it. It doesn't irritate even the most sensitive skin. Despite this, it also deeply cleans the make-up, dirt and excess oil with its texture and sonic pulsations. 

Long Lasting 

Silicone is one of those materials which are very durable. While typical nylon cleansing brushes need to be replaced frequently due to bacteria build up (a bit like a tooth brush), silicone cleansing brushes do not need to be replaced. They are very easy to clean and use and they also last for years and years.


The Luxy Face facial brush is 100% waterproof, this makes it super convenient to use in the shower, bath or just by the sink without worrying about damaging it.