Top 5 Benefits of Luxy Face™ Revitalisation Wand

The Luxy Face Revitalisation Wand uses the latest skincare technology of LED therapy. Some say this therapy originated in Korea, and others say it was a technology first discovered by NASA, but regardless of who came up with it first, we are in love with this new technology which is bought to you by Luxy Face as a skincare device you can use in the comfort of your own home.
There have been many studies done about LED light technologies and their benefits on human skin, especially blue and red light. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Improves acne and inflammation

Blue LED light is best for treating acne and inflammation because it helps reduce the activity of the sebaceous gland, which produces sebum and leads to acne when the excess sebum blocks the pores. If you're suffering from acne you will see a significant difference in your skin with blue light therapy, and even more so when used alongside salicylic acid as well as niacinamide.

2. Helps reduce redness and sensitivity

Yellow light has calming benefits for the skin, this is especially good for people who have sensitive and reactive skin.

3. Brightens the skin

Green light has shown to be very good at brightening dull skin and helping you to get that glow. Use alongside vitamin c skincare serum for optimum results

4. Anti-ageing

Using red LED light has been proven to have the deepest penetration in the skin compared to other lights. There have been numerous studies that show that red light therapy helps photoaging and damage that has been caused by the sun. So it helps repair and tighten the skin.

5. Skin Whitening

the pink light setting helps whiten and brighten the skin, this is particularly good for anyone wanting to whiten specific patches of dark or discoloured skin.