How to use Luxy Face™ facial cleansing brush

Luxy Face facial cleansing brush - blog

Cleansing and exfoliating 

  1. Apply your favourite cleansing product on to your face directly or the brush side of the silicone head.
  2. Wet your face slightly so that the cleanser can emulsify and create a slippery surface for the Luxy Face cleansing brush to work its magic
  3. Turn on the Luxy Face facial cleansing brush and start cleansing your face in circular motions. Start off with a low setting and increase/decrease as desired by pressing + or - (you may want to increase the setting on your T-zone)
  4. After 2/3 minutes turn off the device and rinse.

Massage and face toning 

  1. While cleaning you can flip the Luxy Face facial brush and use the other silicone side to massage your face and tone by performing up and outward motions. Make sure that the skin surface is wet and slippery so that the skin doesn’t drag 
  2. You can also massage and tone by using the metal end of the brush after you have applied facial oil to your face or at the end of your skincare routine. This will ensure the device glides on the skin smoothly. start from centre of your face and move outwards following the natural contours of the face.  

Face and under eye de-puffing 

  1. Turn the device on
  2. Using the metal end of the brush glide the brush’s cool metal end around your eyes. (Make sure to be gentle and use the lowest setting)
  3. Work your way around the eyes and on any eye bags, if you have any, as well as around the face until all sides on the metal end are not cool anymore.
Use in conjunction with eye cream,  face cream, serum and other treatments to help products seep into the skin better.