Top 5 Benefits of Luxy Face™ Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

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Our hands are pretty good with doing many things, but when it comes to washing our face, there's a better alternative.
Since we can get lazy sometimes and doing the same routine over and over again may lead us to not put in as much effort while washing our face or rushing the process. This might mean that you may not be cleansing as well as you should. 
Using the Luxy Face facial cleansing brush is the better alternative for 5 good reasons:

1. Deeper and thorough cleanse

The silicone ridges as well as the vibrations of the device help clean your pores thoroughly to get rid of make-up, dirt and excess oil which all build up in the pores causing breakouts and blackheads. The Luxy Face facial cleansing brush with its food-grade silicone and sonic pulsations technology combined with your favourite cleanser will help eliminate skin issues and help create the perfect clean canvas.

2. Gentle exfoliation 

While moving the brush on the skin in circular motions, the silicone texture and sonic vibrations will gently exfoliate the skin, removing dead skin cells as well as cleaning. Exfoliated skin (as long as it is not harshly and viciously exfoliated) means glowing skin, since the removal of the dead skin cells allows a fresh layer of skin to be revealed. And don’t worry, the brush is so gentle that even sensitive skin types, people suffering with rosacea, acne or irritated skin can use it.

3. Facial massage for youthful skin

Everyone loves a massage, but who really is bothered to do it everyday? - No one. Facial massaging has anti-aging benefits and is also good for the health of your skin and even mood, and what a good way to have these benefits while also cleansing and gently exfoliating your skin with the Luxy Face facial cleansing brush. In addition, the sonic vibrations from the device will stimulate blood flow on the surface of the skin. More blood flow = nourishing cells.

4. De-puffing the face

The metal end of the brush is designed to be cooling on the skin and if you’re one of us who suffer with a puffy face or under eyes bags in the morning, this is excellent! The cooling sensation will help reduce that puffiness under the eyes and around the face. Using the metal end of the brush with outward motions on the face will also help with lymphatic drainage.   

5. Increase efficacy of products used after cleansing 

Since the silicone head helps removes the makeup, dirt and excess oil built up in the pores, this creates the perfect surface for any other product you put on top. A clean canvas. The creams and serums that you’ve spent so much money on will finally work to their full potential. You can also use the metal end to massage creams/serums into the skin. But make sure you don't drag your skin! Just running the metal end along the skin while it vibrates is enough.